Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is it appropriate to send flowers to a new mommy?

I'm going to visit my friend in the hospital next week when she has a new baby, and I want to take her some flowers. could the flowers give the baby allergies?

Is it appropriate to send flowers to a new mommy?
It's fine! If the baby shows some symptoms, then she can take them out. It will be a great gesture. I felt crappy the whole time I was in there, flowers made my day.
Reply:its fine, I wish I got some flowers : (
Reply:It's fine to give the new mommy flowers.

She'd love them.
Reply:Yes, yes, Yes. If they give the baby allergies then they'll just remove them...there is no way of knowing until you try. I'd of loved to have gotten flowers or a plant that I could keep growing and give to my daughter when she moves out to take with her.
Reply:Yes! The new mom will most likely appreciate the gesture! Even if the baby turns out to be allergic (it's unlikely... unless the mom or dad are sensitive to flowers too, then i'd be careful).
Reply:Flowers are a wonderful thing to give a new Mommy...go for it!
Reply:sure. maybe with a little stuffed bear that the baby can play with once its older
Reply:Yes it is appropriate.
Reply:Flowers are great. However, I got a lot of flowers and it was hard to take all those home. I was excited when someone got me a small box of chocolates and some lotions that I could use while in the hospital.
Reply:I would send them to her house, not the hospital, but that's just me. At the hospital where I delivered they don't allow flowers or plants to be delivered because they can give some babies allergies. My hubby bought me a big Rose and put it in a solitaire, that was it.
Reply:It's perfectly appropriate to send flowers. :)
Reply:I got flowers from my fiances boss and it made my whole day! I think it's a great idea for a brand new sleep deprived mommy to know someone is thinking of her :)
Reply:If they do, the flowers will be removed and it's really a very sweet thought.
Reply:I got flowers with my new son.

However, if there are severe allergies in the family, I'd be careful. (My MIL has terrible allergy to lavender so we steer clear of that with my son until he's much older) Try balloons (though some are allergic to latex like me so get the mylar ones).

Blessings to you.

PS: Best gift ever: DIAPERS
Reply:appropriate and more than likely, much appreciated. I'm hoping to get some here soon. Newborns don't have allergies (at least not environmental). Food allergies can develop but only as new foods are introduced into the diet which wouldn't be for another several months. Check out this article if you want a more detailed explanation as to why.

Immunology is incredibly complicated but I do remember this much from nursing school. Plus, ordered flowers are very unlikely to have many of the common culprits (weeds, pollens and grasses) that would induce an allergic reaction in someone older. I say go for it, but I am a little biased : )

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