Saturday, November 14, 2009

How long should i wait before sending flowers?

My girlfriend of a year and I got in a really big fight and she told me she never wants to speak to me again, I'm afraid if I send them too early she might just throw them out (they won't make an impact), I want to know how long before the anger goes away and she starts to miss me?

How long should i wait before sending flowers?
Flowers only make it worse as an apology. Women don't appreciate that particular gesture. Try it and see, Romeo.
Reply:I'd say a day or two. She will probably be speaking to you befor that tho.
Reply:If you send her flowers after she starts to miss you. They lose their value. Are you trying to protect yourself, or show her that you love her.

If you were the reason for the fight, then send her flowers the next day. Preferably a red rose, with a note saying how sorry you are. Your words, not some silly quote that stops to get romantic when you are in your 5th grade.

If you aren't, then there is no need to send flowers, but just to be there when she calls and go to her to prove that she is forgiven. In that case, save the flowers for a week or two later, surprise her and she will know how much you love her.
Reply:hmm always a tough one. I say send them now or tomorrow and just enclose a note (handwritten and dropped off at the flower place if you can) saying you realize she does not want to hear from you now butu u really love her and do not want to see her upset., you want her to know you are thinking of her and want to work things out.
Reply:Send them soon....or else she'll wonder if you've lost out on other girls you've pursued in the meantime. A girl wants to know that a guy actually cares. Worse case scenario, you'll have to send another bouquet later on. Be sincere, offer an apology and ask how you can rectify things. Good Luck
Reply:Two to three days no more then four, woman love flowers. I use to have a job deliverying them and only once did I see a woman not love receiving them.

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