Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sending flowers as a way of saying "I'm Sorry" ...?

Which roses (colour and type) as well as the number of flowers mean "I'm Sorry" to a girl you care about?

Sending flowers as a way of saying "I'm Sorry" ...?
Exactly what SK said, it should do the trick!!!
Reply:why not roses of all colors, thats nicer and prettier for both cases...

but what u do wrong? what r u sorry about? don't mean to be a prune but before u go saying im sorry make sure u really are. I am sure u have good intentions but can u successfully fulfill them? we all have good intentions but most likely we fail cause we overestimate ourselves. u get this hero attitude 'oh i'll make it better i won't fight with her no more' but thats just stupid. these are peoples feelings and lives u are dealing with u need to be careful and sincere. before u go ranting about going her the sun and the moon think about what are ur shortcomings and what are u capable of fixing then are u truly sorry and u can fix things..
Reply:If she's your friend, then yellow roses. A dozen is okay, number doesn't matter as much, as far as I know.

If she's your gf, pink or red would be a good idea.
Reply:well send her 3red roses and tell her you are very sorry and will never hurt her feelings again!
Reply:it depend on the situation. like why are you sorry ? i would love some roses 1 dozen of red roses.
Reply:Red for love, white for loyalty, and pink for sweet thoughts.

Good luck!
Reply:I think 3 red roses, and have a note saying one representing me, one for you and the other for the two of us together.... what my bf did to me on vday along with other stuff.

Nan always tells me flowers mean i'm sorry and chocolates say i love you.
Reply:every beautiful flower u can find and id say like a million lol
Reply:I think there is a yellow rose that has pink lining along the petals, called peace rose I believe... Those would work well with card. :)

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