Saturday, November 14, 2009

How can I send flowers in Japan?

How can I send flowers to my girlfriend who is living in Japan bearing in mind I don't speak Japanese and live in the UK. I want to know how to do it in Tokyo via phone or Internet and have them sent to her on a specific day.

Any ideas?

How can I send flowers in Japan?
Good old Interflora here :

What a lovely idea.
Reply:How about



( I checked out this site to see if they would take your UK credit card. even though they are US based, there seem to be no location restrictions on accepted credit cards.)

They seem to be international online florists and not very over-priced.!

Of the same genre, but pricier is

or just

If you can find a Japanese person to help you, the site below might work. Delivery charge is 525 yen (about 6 dollars US) Anyway, you can check out what a comparable bouquet would cost if you had it sent from a Japanese company, so you an see exactly what type of impression you will be making. (However, I'm sure someone who sends his girlfriend flowers makes a great impression, no matter how much he spends!)

Note: First I googled flowers in Japanese 花  on Japanese Google. Then I googled flowers on Japanese Google (Google Japan)(rather than British or American ) google, but typing in English. This led me to some useful listings and to the link sendlowersinternational -which led to a plethora of appropriate sites (all in English),! If you want to find a British site, you might find this strategy useful,

Good luck! Happy Birthday to your girlfriend!
Reply:Chrysanthemums are for funerals in Kanto (the region where Tokyo is).

Again, two thumbs down...for what? Giving sound advice?
Reply:flowers in japan are mostly related to funerals, so be careful
Reply:Yes, I have personally used this company:

They are based in Tokyo but can send anywhere in Japan, and yes you can choose specific days (assuming they are open, they have a calendar you can choose).

The best thing is they are based in Japan, there's no middleman so you're not paying any crazy extra fees. They also have a high selection of items such as roses that I think you indicated you want.
Reply:try to visit this site and see if they (already) have a branch in Japan.


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