Monday, May 11, 2009

A women sending flowers to a man....?

I don't get why women find it O.K. to send flowers to a man. Flowers are suppose to represent what a man thinks of a women...beautiful, soft, fragile with a nice fragancy. It also represents a womens Vagina...a bud that "opens" that is delicate and soft to touch and smells good (seriously) WHY on earth would a women send flowers to a man. I think it demasculates're saying he's soft and delicate like a vagina lol. NO, no, no...why are women now-a-days sooooo very much into demasculating our males! Men are suppose to hard, rough and tumble.

Women please explain your motive behind sending you man flowers and men please tell me how you feel about receiving flower from a lady. Is it not embarrassing..wouldn't you get ribbed and made fun up relentlessly by your male peers if you received flowers at your work from you women?

A women sending flowers to a man....?
there is no motive for that. at all. its only done by women who aint got a clue! were not all like that. and flowers representing a womens vagina? im not sure bout that one!!nicer than the beaver likeness though!
Reply:Are you serious? Shakespeare was a Misogynistic pig. Everything he talked about represented Vaginas and penises.
Reply:We dont' like flowers the same way women do.

We would appreciate it if she would send herself as the flower! :)

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