Monday, May 11, 2009

How do I send flowers to an airport?

My girlfriend is coming back from France, and will be arriving @ o'hare airport in Chicago. I was wondering if anyone knew of any services that would allow me to have flowers delivered to her while @ the airport?

How do I send flowers to an airport?
To be totally honest, I would just wait until she gets home, and the first thing you do when you see her, is give em' to her. It's a little stressful getting off of the plane, and if she has her luggage it's going to be difficult to hold the flowers and get all of her stuff together.

I was recently on a flight to Atlanta and some guy sent this girl a dozen roses to her hotel and she was carrying them on the plane and juggling them with her luggage.

It's a VERY sweet idea, but take the money it'd cost to have em' delivered and put it towards more flowers for your sweetie! :)
Reply:dunno call the airport see if they can do anything, besides be better if you take the flowers to her in person.

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