Monday, May 11, 2009

Can I send flowers to someone that works in an air traffic control tower?

I want to send my bfriend flowers on valentines day, but he works in air traffic control. Seeing as how this is a federal facility, I'm not sure what the rules are... anyone in ATC out there that can answer this for me?

Can I send flowers to someone that works in an air traffic control tower?
I am an air traffic controller. It shouldn't be a problem sending it to the tower as long as you know the address. Keep in mind we love nothing more than the chance to tease each other. He won't live it down. If you're still not sure, call the facility and talk to the secretary.
Reply:send him a bottle of jack and a case of beer instead
Reply:men dont want flowers for v day b elieve me
Reply:No.These are high-security areas in an airport. I think the FAA rules prohibit unauthorized civilian visitors without a security clearance to the ATC (Air Traffic Control) areas, including the tower areas. You would have to seek prior approval of your friend's superiors, and I don't think they would approve. You might be able to have a messenger leave the gift for him at an office somewhere; however, with new and heightened security concerns these days, I would not count on it.
Reply:send him the flowers just don't take his attention away from those planes!!
Reply:Forget the ATC...worry about his co-workers!!!!! If I were a man, I'd find it inappropriate and humiliating at work...especially in such a regulated setting! Keep those things private, dear!
Reply:You can send him snowflowers...since the clime is changeing...,so conusult a weathear sorccerer...
Reply:you could have some of those candy bouquets made. those would not require water and are an awesome valentines day gift.
Reply:I sure hope not. Won't that distract them from their duties up there?
Reply:Probaly not

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