Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending Flowers Anonymously?

I sent a girl that I really like some flowers for V-day, but I sent them anonymously. I can't figure out how to tell her that I sent them. I'm thinking about having a friend "accidentally" tell her, but people always say not to have your friends do things like that for you, so...what should I do?

Sending Flowers Anonymously?
Keep doing what your name suggests.
Reply:I think you should tell her...cause if you sent them to me...i will be wondering who send them and it will bug me......just tell her
Reply:awwwwwwww.....that is so cute!!!
Reply:Say "I heard you got flowers today" She'll'd he know ?

Just smile..

she'll get it.
Reply:Just tell her!!
Reply:I would suggest that you figure out how to talk to her face to face, and then casually ask her what's up and what's going on to try to get her to tell you what she got for V-Day. If she is creeped out by the anonymous flowers, keep it to yourself. If she thinks it's sweet, then you should say, "...maybe I got them for you..." -- if she seems excited about it, then confirm it... if she doesn't seem that thrilled about you getting them for her, then just drop it and say you were only kidding.
Reply:i just got roses and champagne by an anonymous admirer....why not send a card with your number inside...then she could call you and then she'll know who sent may even get a date....good luck...
Reply:ask her how she liked the flowers with a smile on your face and she will know it was you.
Reply:hire a fly on the wall to hear how she feels about having a secret admirer.

If the fly hears good things tell her it was you
Reply:I like the idea of asking her if she liked the flowers with a smile on your face. You could also send her an anonymous note asking if she liked the flowers and to meet you at ____ at a certain time; but that could be sweet or creepy. Stick with the asking her about them....
Reply:If you wanted her to know you sent them... you should have signed the card. Now she may think you are just trying to take credit for the nice thing that someone else did. Did you think about that? Happened to me in high school... flowers no name. Once that got out, a guy took credit for them, but he wasn't the one that sent them to me. I did find it out until a year or so later. But damage done.
Reply:I got flowers anonymously before, and I immediately called the florist, who told me exactly who sent them.

I was VERY happy to get them, they were perfect, but the guy who sent them was kind of in a relationship with someone else at the time, so I respected his decision to remain anonymous. I never told him I knew it was him, and lately I've been thinking about thanking him, and telling him how much it meant. It was 2 years ago...

Anyway, all to say, I think you should tell her, even if it's by "Did you get to smell some roses today..." with a smile...
Reply:You should send her clues throughout the day!!!
Reply:your a fag
Reply:When you see her, ask her if she liked the flowers. If she's clever, she'll put two and teo together and realise you were the sender.

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