Monday, May 11, 2009

Question about sending flowers post-funeral?

A friend of mine died recently, and I was unable to make it to the funeral (which I feel awful about). It was only yesterday, and I wanted to send her parents some flowers, but I don't want to intrude during their time of grieving (also, I've never met them). How do I get the flowers and card to them?

Question about sending flowers post-funeral?
If you can't afford to have them delivered by the florist, just get your bouquet together (with a heartfelt card or note) and leave it on their doorstep. Hopefully you can time it when they're home or will be getting home.

So sorry for your loss.
Reply:if you have the address - you can have the florist to deliver them for you. Do a pot plant instead of a funeral spray - this will also cost you less but still be very nice.
Reply:I think it would still be a nice gesture. Drop them off or send them via FTD

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