Monday, May 11, 2009

Can you send flowers to your girl the day before valentines day?

Im wondering if it is ok to send flowers to my girl the day before valentines day the ensure that she actually gets the. I fear she may leave work early on valentines day and if they are a late delivery she may never get to enjoy them. Ladies, how do you feel about getting flowers the day before valentines day? Is this acceptable?

Can you send flowers to your girl the day before valentines day?
If I were to get flowers the day before valentines day I would love them just as much as if they were on valentines day...If you are planning anything else, such as a dinner, then that should wait until the 14th, but the flowers the day before will be fine!

Just to add to it

I think that getting the flowers the day before will make it even more special, since she may be the only one to get flowers sent to her office on the 13th. So not only is she getting flowers from you, but she is also the center of attention!
Reply:Go for something original - every other man on the face of the earth is buying flowers and chocolate - show your woman you're different by going for something completely original and unique to her taste
Reply:I don't see why not. And women like to receive flowers at work. Go for it!
Reply:Yes of course, it's very sweet.

You can send flowers oline free .Send to her flowers and also you can win a $100 Hallmark gift card. Sooo, something for her and maybe something for you.
Reply:I'd just be glad to be getting flowers. It's nice that you thought about her.
Reply:Ok, after reading everyone elses answers I'm going to be the "bad guy" I was awoken this morning from a knock at my door. It was the flower guy. I got my Valentines day flowers 4 days early and I'm on fire. I think this just might be the straw that breaks the camels back. Take it from me, I'm being honest, my girlfriends and I have been talking about it all week amongst ourselves... IT IS NEVER OKAY TO SEND FLOWERS EARLY. NEVER, EVER, EVER. Trust me. Please. We all know its WAY cheaper to have them delivered the day before and no matter what excuse your using, we'll all think deep down inside, your trying to save a few bucks. I dont even want these flowers. I want to open my window and throw them out. I'm embarrassed by them. I'm actually on here trying to find an article about how its NOT okay to send flowers early. Maybe its just something us women talk about amongst ourselves, but none of us WANT Valentines day flowers on any day OTHER THAN Valentines day. Dont do it. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years and we dont have the best relationship. This whole flower incident just made me dislike him that much more. Maybe your in a new relationship and everyone's on their best behavior and lovey dovey and thats cool. But after a few years, sending flowers a day or two early WILL NOT FLY!!! Dont do it guys... Wednesday is NOT valentines day. Its just any other day... DO NOT DO IT!!!
Reply:Well usually, the florist will ask for a specific time you want them delivered. So have the florist deliver the flowers during the time she will be at work. I think, sending flowers is a good idea. Giving red roses is the norm so I would suggest having a different arrangement done. Like orchids or whatever her favorite flower is.


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