Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending my girlfriend flowers at work for the first time?

Im gonna send my gf flowers at work for the first time, weve been dating a couple months now, and I know girls like that kinda stuff. I dont wanna send anything extravagant, just simple..I know she likes pink roses, so should I just send half a dozen of those? And should they be in a vase or just wrapped in that flower paper? Remember, I dont wanna overdo it.

Sending my girlfriend flowers at work for the first time?
That would be really sweet of u.. girls do like that..when u show themu care...some surprises.......and to that u could add some little box of chocolate...that she likes...

really sweet of u :)
Reply:Unless you know she's already got a vase at work, you'd better include at least a basic vase.

She'll love it.

One other idea is to splurge a little bit on a nice vase and then supply the flowers for it every so often.
Reply:I always preferred the flowers to be in a vase, it looks like you spent more money and thought. Pink roses are nice, make sure they add pretty filler to make the boquet look bigger- not baby's breath though! That looks cheap. Grocery stores always put the babys breath!
Reply:a half dozen pink roses in a vase.. that should put a smile on her face :)
Reply:you're a sweet boyfriend!

anything will probably make her happy, but here is my suggestion:

give her 12 pink roses, and just leave them wrapped in flower paper

also, give her a sweet card with a poem or something sweet

you could also add a small box of chocolates or other candies

Reply:4-5 flowers in a small vase. And a note saying, ' I'm thinking about you...'

That is SOOO sweet of you! Your girlfriend's lucky to have you.
Reply:I think vase.

That is SOOOOO sweet of you!!! I hope I get a boyfriend like you!
Reply:well, you may want to make sure she will be able to put them in water. if not, send her flowers with a vase.
Reply:General rule of thumb for sending flowers to a girl is that they judge their value to you on the cost of the flowers, so if you send cheap looking flowers, she will think you don't value her much. I'm not saying everyone's the same, but if you really want to make a girl feel special, the bigger the bunch and the more extravagant the better.
Reply:The florist can do a small flower arrangement with pink roses in it. Yes, it should be in a vase because she'll want to display it on her desk. You're so thoughtful!!!
Reply:in a vase and write "if you dont know who its from, then im in trouble"

Reply:yes, she would love a half a dozen of pink roses...but u should get them in a vase...thats always better, she can set them on her desk and show them off and when she takes them home she doesnt have to search for something to put them in. by the way, what ur doing is very sweet and im sure she will love what ever u decide :)
Reply:I would not want flowers at my workplace...check and see with her in a round about way if this is something that she has seen in the office before and try and gauge her response.

Don;t assume that she is "like all girls" We women are all very, very different.


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