Monday, May 11, 2009

Should we send flowers during the viewing or the funeral?

We are attending a viewing on Thursday and the funeral on Saturday. When would it be more appropriate to send flowers? Since the viewing is two days away, will the flower arrangement wilt before the funeral?

Should we send flowers during the viewing or the funeral?
I've been told the number of flowers sent will be an indication of the turnout on the funeral. Send them early for the viewing or as they say here down south, the wake.

The flowers will be on display for the viewing/wake and the funeral as well.

A lot of flowers sent are potted plants of some type are not cut flowers. The family may order sprays for the funeral which would arrive the day before possibly.
Reply:Typically sent to the funeral home for viewing unless the family requests donations sent to an org. in lieu of flowers.
Reply:Thursday, the day of the viewing.
Reply:It may depend on the religious faith/church conducting the burial ceremony for the late. Some prefer flowers during the viewing while others prefer at the funeral. Since the funeral is close, just trust your instincts to guide you.
Reply:No the flowers will not wilt. The florist knows how to keep them fresh. Let them know it is a 3-day service when you order. Send them asap.
Reply:Have the flowers delivered to the Funeral Home on Thursday before the viewing begins.
Reply:send it for thursday it should be fine till saturday if the arrangement was made on thursday but your florist will know more. you can also water it if you get there really early on saturday. The furneral director may also do this for you.
Reply:Flowers should be sent to the viewing. The flowers will be fine by the funeral. We had flowers from my grandfather's funeral around for a long time afterwards. In fact, we still have some plants from there *he passed in october*
Reply:I think it's better to send the flowers in time for the funeral itself so the arrangement is fresh when it is taken to the graveside or given to family members to take home.
Reply:I would send the flowers to the viewing. They should last. If you have further concern about this, consult with the florist.
Reply:I've never been to a viewing so the sending flower's to the funeral will be fine. When my grandparents died. At each funeral (there was no viewing) people would send flower's to the funeral.
Reply:Send them to the viewing. On the day of the funeral, the family most likely won't even see them. When my mom died, they only took a few of the arrangements to the burial and the rest we elected to have them sent to area nursing homes. We did see the ones at the viewing, though.

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