Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending flowers to a woman?

What do you think of the act of anonymously sending flowers to a woman in the office, to attract her attention?

Sending flowers to a woman?
an anonymous bunch wouldnt do jack shite for me.

give them to me to my face or leave a card in them,

dont like games...

to be honest mate, if your girl left you just cos somewone sent her flowers? then shes shallow, and you can do better
Reply:great idea, but give her a clue as to who sent them so that she can figure out how much you like her.
Reply:how can you attract her attention if you're going to do it anonymously????????????????
Reply:I think its sweet to send flowers to a woman but if the woman doesn't really like you the flowers may be a turnoff
Reply:I think it's kinda creepy, it would make me wonder-if I was going to get anthrax in the mail. lol
Reply:I would love it if it had a clue who sent them!
Reply:Go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you are a long time dead!
Reply:It may be just my work, but I would think someone was taking the Michael! Plus I'm not a flowery girl, I would prefer if a guy asked me if I fancied lunch, in that hour you will find out if you like her even more or not...
Reply:Very nice, but I think it would freak me out in a stalkerish kind of way if I didn't get to find out who they were from pretty quickly!

Perhaps follow it up with an email?
Reply:I agree with the answer above mine... it will get her attention, just make sure you take credit for it sometime soon after.
Reply:its sweet. Woman love it. It lets us know that someone is thinking about us. It makes us feel special, and important.
Reply:well if she's not allergic to them go right ahead!
Reply:She may figure out that u like her soon, but until then I'd suggest that you find out her favorite kind of flower and color, then put a personal message in there letting her know its from u. Maybe u would like to add a little package of her favorite scent. (find that ou too) Chocolates might work too.
Reply:good but dont leave her in suspense forever!!
Reply:If she doesn't know you sent them -- why bother. Either ask her out for lunch or leave it alone. Work isn't the best place to date anyway in case things go wrong.
Reply:I think she will feel they're from a stalker!

Attract her attention by complementing her, being interested in what she says, and being interesting yourself.
Reply:sounds good ill send you the address!!
Reply:Just give her a smile first , if she responds well (not just polite) then flowers could be ok. But be bold and put your name on the tag.
Reply:i know it wprked a treat lol it was me
Reply:I would love to recieve flowers from anyone. Go for it! Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into, think ahead of all the outcomes.
Reply:That sounds really sweet,.. except how will you attract her attention if you send them anonymously? Maybe send a bunch, and a few days later send one with a card? Oh, but if you can, first find out what her favorite kind of flowers are, and if there's any kind she doesn't like or is allergic to.
Reply:I don't know abt that and sorry for what that *******did to you but l personally don't like flowers that much- l mean l would never let someone seduce me wit flowers coz flowers die but the person wins u.

l think ur girl shouldn't have done that coz nowadays some guys take advantage coz girls are so obsessed with flowers. Good Luck!!
Reply:its a good start but eventually you want her to know they are from you go for it
Reply:Very romantic gesture but might scare her if she doesn't know who they are from.Might think they are from someone else,and then get with them or think she has a stalker.If you want her to notice you maybe flowers are abit to personal,if she doesn't find you attractive she might ridicule you in front of everyone.I would get her a nice cake or something to have with her morning coffee as a gesture of kindness that can not be seen as overly romantic or in appropriate should she not find you attractive.
Reply:it could be romantic..however the fact that they did it while she had a boyfriend thats disgusting. That is why they did it anonymously. So they did not get battered
Reply:your girlfrinend is pretty shallow mate.

Better for you that you found out now . You can move on and send your own flowers to a girlie.

If you can't get to a florist here is a free but very effective text message rose


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