Monday, May 11, 2009

Guys, I really need an honest answer, would you all vote a Yes/No for sending flowers to guy at his workplace?

It's not flowers-flowers, but it's an arrangement of 3 orange flowers, and some greens in a flat, wooden, rectangular base. Very modern-artish. Should I send it at his workplace? It's his birthday.

I would think a guy would look GOOD in front of his officemates if he received flowers from someone?

I really need to make a quick decision. Help me with ur opinions please!

Guys, I really need an honest answer, would you all vote a Yes/No for sending flowers to guy at his workplace?
Your man will definitely be impressed and be happy if u sent him flowers to his workplace. First its a surprise which they will love. The second, feeling special and cared by someone. And the best part, getting it in front of his workmates. He will be so proud of u. Go ahead do it. All the best. Have a blast.
Reply:It might be tolerable if he's married or it's an obvious event , but definitely not something displayed proudly. Just randomly, especially if he has guy co-workers, can definitely be a little embarrassing. A warm "happy birthday" hug showing you remember would be much more memorable. Report It

Reply:Do it.
Reply:Speaking from experience. It is great to get flowers at work. The problem is, explaining them to his wife.
Reply:very good idea.

Send it to him.
Reply:Why not , i wish anyone would even notice i exist so in my opinion its good . shows your interested .
Reply:if he works in an office - that's fine. send them
Reply:I sent flowers to my husband at work when we were married, and he was sooo embarrassed, that he asked me not to do it again, his co-workers razzed him about it all day. On the other hand, we're now divorced cause he was a jerk, so I say, go ahead! show him you care!
Reply:Men love to get flowers from their ladies! Do it!
Reply:in this day and why not.wish my missus would
Reply:Surely send it its his B-day

iam sure he will be happy

(on my work when someone has b-day all workers put money together and buy a gift or flower so it should be fine)
Reply:Birthday, Yes
Reply:No. Guys don't see flowers in the same way as women do. At work, too..............NO..the guys will rag him hard if you do.
Reply:Yea its completly fine since its his birthday. If you start sending them randomly though, his coworkers will probably start thinking your a clingy obssesive psycho.
Reply:If the guy you are sending it to the sensual type and he is really into you then he would L.O.V.E the flowers. It will make his day. :)... you are a truly amazing and thoughtfull girlfriend
Reply:well u should give him flowers and show that u can do better by doing something else
Reply:Probably'll most likely embarrass him. and not in a way that's even vaguely good.
Reply:If he is your husband or boyfriend then it is OK. If not, make sure he is not married or dating anyone else. If he's not, send them with a note attached saying "from your secret admirer".
Reply:don't do it. he'll think you're weird. get him a football shirt or something practical. good luck!

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