Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending flowers on Valentine's Day to a girl far away?

Okay, I have a few questions about Valentines Day.

I'm sending flowers to my true love out of state. Should I do something online like 1-800-Flowers and FTD? I'm concerned about a local place because I have no information about them and she lives in a small town. I would be very embarrased if something went wrong.

Also, I don't know what to send exactly. I'm all about tradition so I want to send roses and lots of them.

On the other hand, alot of flowers I see online look like funeral items and not Valentine items. How do I send something that shows my love without looking like it belongs with a coffin?

Thank You!

Sending flowers on Valentine's Day to a girl far away?
Go online (I like ProFlowers, but the ones you mentioned are good) and see what they are offering specifically for Valentines Day. You will be able to pick better when you can see them. Roses are great if you can afford them, but I think I'd go with something like forget-me-nots. Also, some come with extras, like a small stuffed animal or something.
Reply:roses are good but not like 3 dozen. Get a cute arrangement that has several different tyoes of flowers those always work the best.
Reply:well, for rose colors here's a site with a bunch of meanings and whatnot:

Don't go overboard on the roses. Try a bouquet [or since you said "lots of them" a few bouquets] that has more than one type of flowers. Or a bouquet of roses in varying shades of pink [or another color] with little white flowers in it.

Is there any possible way you could give them to her in person? Even if you just went down to visit for a short while to give her the flowers, that would mean an awful lot.

Hope that was helpful, but either way I wish you the best of luck %26lt;3
Reply:Want something even better?

Send her a four leaf clover necklace for good luck and a new or good condition cast iron horseshoe without rust with the U shape facing up for good luck.

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