Monday, May 11, 2009

What is the cheapest way to send flowers??

I want to send to my mom for vday flowers and i wanna know which is the cheapest way to send flowers??

What is the cheapest way to send flowers??
go shoppings and compare prices... lol

if you wanna send online go to and you can send her flowers and you can win a gift hallmark card with 100$, so you shoot to bunnies with one bullet.
Reply:buy her carnation flowers of her favorite color and give it to her yourself. buy a card also if you can and write down a very sweet message on it.
Reply:Buy them and bring them there yourself :) Or have a buddy she doesn't know to come and give them to her on V-day.
Reply:Take them yourself, that way its free...!

Getting shop to deliver can end up costing a fortune. Besides she will then probably be happy to see you aswell.
Reply:big 'L' on Matt's forehead. Open the wallet man!
Reply:email iFlowers
Reply:Here's an easy site to find a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift to have delivered http://www.Online-Florists.Reviews-n-Rat... There are special online coupons for flower delivery, special gift ideas, and fancy chocolates too. I know flowers and chocolates are traditional, but that's what us ladies like! :)
Reply:steal them from someone's garden and mail them

Reply:my vote is for the iflowers answer.
Reply:deliver then yourself.
Reply:just draw on something %26amp; send yourself

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