Monday, May 11, 2009

Whens a good time to send flowers when your first start dating someone?

whens a good time to send flowers when your first start dating someone? after you sleep with them?

Whens a good time to send flowers when your first start dating someone?
One Month Anneversity, show her it is significant to you and make it a monthly thing. It will let her know you really care.
Reply:Sending flowers right away is fine. Actually, it's a good move as part of courting...
Reply:after you two are bf and gf.
Reply:anytime!!! who dont appreciate flowers?
Reply:After the first date if you liked them and things went well.
Reply:1 month anniversary....or better yet just randomly send them to her work...very sweet that what i did for my fiance
Reply:the next day
Reply:Every relationship is different, but I think I would wait for a bit. When most relationships first start, you're going to be going places and doing things and being active, so I'd say flowers aren't a necessity. I'd say once things start to mellow out a little bit, and you guys just sort of start hanging out together, but not actually DOING anything, then that would be a good time to get her flowers, because it sort of lets her know that you still care about her, and that you like just being with her because she is herself, not because of what you guys were doing.

Oh I would also avoid getting flowers at a set interval, i.e. getting flowers for anniversaries or once every month or two, because it will make her expect it, making it less special, and then if it doesn't show up she will be dissapointed.
Reply:no goof ball......not after you sleep with them GOSH.

The best time is right after the first date...........
Reply:later after that, when the 'new-ness' of the relationship starts to die
Reply:After you sleep with them???? Please..... What if you never sleep with them or they are a lousy lay. Flowers mean something. They are not a way to pay someone for their services. Flowers are heartfelt. Save your flower money and tell her how you feel over a nice dinner for now! Keep it real. Don't play with the heart.
Reply:all the time if you can. if you really care for them.
Reply:the next day....tell her what a great time you had....and if we could do it again soon

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