Monday, May 11, 2009

What other things besides flowers can I send my mother for mothers day?

Best answer Easy 10 points!sites also please.Also sites you recommend for sending flowers.

What other things besides flowers can I send my mother for mothers day?
You could try something like Tupperware, Pampered Chef or a gift set from Tastefully Simple. They have some cute ideas on the websites. My mom always wants things she will actually use or needs not candy or flowers. You can browse the websites and choose if these are right for your mom. Good Luck

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Pampered Chef %26amp;

Tastefully Simple
Reply:Bought a mother's ring for my mom last year. It had all the kid's birthstones with the names engraved next to each birthstone. She still wears it I think she really liked it.

Bought it from
Reply:What about an apology card for the pain, and suffering you have caused her. I mean the birth pains, and her waiting up and worrying about you as all good mothers. do. lol
Reply:a gift card for having her nails done or a spa treatment.or a gift from you to clean house while shes away for the afternoon.
Reply:box of chocolates.

really cute card.

spa treatement gift card.

teddy bear. lol

another item to something she mite collect.

good luck %26lt;3
Reply:I purchased my mother a star. Now that she is gone, I look out at the evening sky and think of her shining brightly out there forever.
Reply:I handwritten letter. She would know it was from *your* heart!

Include a basket with candles, stationary, little things that she'd enjoy.

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