Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending flowers to a guy you admire...?

Guys: ever had a female send you flowers and did you like it or hate it?

Girls: Ever send a guy flowers? What kind did you send and how did he react?

Sending flowers to a guy you admire...?
I bought 2 roses the day that my partner had to take his PhD exam. When he passed with distinction and flares, I gave one rose to him, to say congratulations, and one rose to his (quite young and inexperienced, then) boss, because Jim had been his first PhD student.

They both loved it!
Reply:I think it quite normally! It is necessary to break stereotypes!
Reply:Sure, my wife sends me flowers....cauliflowers!!! :-P

Ah, she just gives me chocolate!!!! And we eat them together in bed over a CD movie.
Reply:I enjoyed it from her.
Reply:Guys love that. even though they might not admit it. Its so out of the ordinary that It makes a huge impression
Reply:yes, my bf got some last week for a surprisetrip he took me on. he was so embarrased til he read the card, then told them to f o and that he had me waiting for him right now. when i heard that, i did him in every room of his apartment!
Reply:no i never send a guy flowers. i would buy him a tool or beer
Reply:i sent roses and he took it as sort of a funny thing, it was hilarios
Reply:my girl friend sent me flowers by one of these services that come over and sing for you she came and in the middle of the casualty gave me the flowers and had instructions to kiss me she practically raped me on the spot my girl friend is American and does things like this well its Americans
Reply:no a guy friend...for his birthday...he was speechless and very flattered...i sent the Carnations, to his workplace...
Reply:I bring him flowers. Usually tiger Lillie's, and he likes the weird color roses. like green, purple, black, and tangerine. He loves it. and I love pampering him.
Reply:I had flowers sent to me and while it was flattering it was also embarrassing. Which isn't the worst thing in the world.

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