Monday, May 11, 2009

SEnding Flowers LADIES HELP?

dO sending flowers to a girl at her job, does that makes you feel HOW?

SEnding Flowers LADIES HELP?
do it thats cute
Reply:that would be really sweet
Reply:That makes me feel so wanted. It is a really sweet thing to do and very romantic. It is unforgettable
Reply:i would feel special and honored but at the same time i would probably blush
Reply:AW that would be ADORABLE. Your so sweet :] Do it do it do it!
Reply:awww thats so sweet. i would love to recieve flowers at work.
Reply:that would be really cute especailly if you sent them out of the blue for no reason at all and with a little card attached saying how you were thinking of her adn wanted to tell her you love her. and it would definatly win you some bed room points :)
Reply:Awww... I wish I had a guy that would do thatfor me. All girls love flowers, and sending them to her at work... even better!
Reply:thats really cuteeee!! all her coworkers will be so jealous and shell totally fall for you because its so cute. flowers make a girl feel great especially if theyre from a boy she likes!!
Reply:I LOVED IT !!!!! I had a %26lt;smile%26gt; the entire day...but at first was shocked surprised and swept off my feet all at the same time.

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