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Is it inappropriate to send flowers to a teacher at school?

I'm her boyfriend not a student! I was just thinking that shes out all during the day and the only place I can send her flowers that shes guaranteed to recieve are at school.

Is it inappropriate to send flowers to a teacher at school?
That is ok.. She will receive them during her breaktime and will be handed them to her then.. so when she takes them back to the class she teaches she may or may not tell her pupils who they are from.. but nobody will knock on the door deliver them when she is teaching someone will hold them for her until breaktime and she can even leave them in teachers meeting room and take them home when she leaves school so only the staff may know she received flowers .. but teachers don't work all day.. she gets home in the afternoon so why not hand them to her or send them to be delivered no earlier than 5 pm. then she should be back at home..Teachers don't stay on at school a lot longer than their pupils until they have to prepare for tests and can't do that at home but most take their workload back home and leave in the but she is guaranteed to receive them but if one tells the florist .. ''don't deliver before a certain time they don't do it and wait.. and she would also be guaranteed to receive them at home...or in the evening..xx
Reply:sounds very sweet.. i think its fine and a nice surprise if you sent it to her but she received it in a private manner away from prying eyes of the pupils and boss.. as the boss could say that it was an inappropriate gesture which was unacceptable to be sent in such a professional establishment with young impressionable pupils

or instead of sending them by company delivery you could meet her during her free periods and surprise her with the flowers .. this shouldn't be seen as being offencive to the school

i mean i could be looking too much into this but it could be true
Reply:It is not inappropriate to send flowers to someone's workplace -- and the school is obviously your girlfriend's workplace.

Make sure the delivery address information specifies her name and classroom number.

As do all people who receive flowers at work, she can choose to either leave the flowers displayed on her work desk, or take them home.
Reply:The school could make it kind of awkward for her, all the kids will be asking questions and taking the micky, and some teachers find that letting kids in to their home life makes it harder to control the kids - you know, they think of you more as a friend then a teacher.

I don't know... it really depends on your girlfriend, if she is the romantic, open type then she might love it.
Reply:i think it is a brilliant idea. not only that you will make her happy, but you will also increase her value in the eyes of her students. she is more than just a teacher, she is human (!) and being loved by someone. i remember when i was a kid, i started respecting teachers much more when i had a glance at their private "human side".
Reply:Well, for starters, learn how to spell receive. And what on EARTH are you doing being her boyfriend? What the eff is happening to the world? I am male, ex-teacher, and my students used to buy me books.

Send her something else. Send her flowers at her home, where her husband might sign for them. You twat.
Reply:I wouldn't do it unless you can be sure they will go straight to the school office or staffroom. Otherwise you're setting her up to get teased by the kids. I think teachers, particularly young female teachers, feel a bit vulnerable if their private lives are exposed to students.
Reply:Not at all. I think it is lovely that you want to do that for her. It will show the kids that she is a proper person with a life not just there teacher. If you are worried then you can get them delivered to the staff room rather than class room.
Reply:No it is not, but she may get some teasing from her class and she would also have to carry them back home, you can always have them sent when she is at home or even take them your self.
Reply:It would be very nice to do that. Just be sure what is on the card is OK to be read by all.

Give very explicit instructions regarding delivery.
Reply:I think that's fine as long as you've been dating a while. It is unlikely that the sectretary will take them to her classroom which would be embarrasing.

I think that's sweet!
Reply:I think it's a nice idea, she'll love it

Not only teaching kids in her class about romance, and nice gestures ... but also making her happy to boot
Reply:may cause embaressment
Reply:No.Send a scented ball and chain.
Reply:Yeah I'm sure that's ok. As long as you think she can deal with teasing from students!
Reply:Send your lady some flowers at work. She will love it!
Reply:no... but ask florist to deliver/ arrive at the tea break or the lunch hour!
Reply:It is appropriate, and what a nice thought, I've seen it done lots of time
Reply:no its not just send them u twit

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