Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending flowers overseas, is it safe?

hey, I'm sending flowers to another country, but I don't wanna use my card. A florist promises to deliver flowers to another country. how do I know that I'm not getting ripped off? apparently they use an international system called 'transflora'

Sending flowers overseas, is it safe?
Try sending flowers via . I have been using them and so far ( knock on wood ) , they have been doing a good job cause the people i send to flowers to sends me an e-mail saying they got it. There on time as well .When you request the flowers to be there on a Thursday , it will get there on a Thursday
Reply:Yes it is quite safe. I live in England and have had flowers delivered to family members in Africa and the States. I used

They are a reputable company so you shouldnt get screwed but use your credit card for online transactions because most CC companies will offer you protection from online fraud. Hope this helps...
Reply:Most florist have contacts with this system, you just pay your local florist however you wish too, and let him wire the order and the money. Either that or use one of the online services like ltd or 1800flowers or whatever that is.
Reply:i dont know sorry i couldnt help

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