Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending online flowers..serious question!?

ok im sending some roses to a very special girl. but i want it to be a surprise, like a mystery for her till i tell her it was from me. this is my first time sending flowers,

and i was just wondering if once they are delivered, will they attach my address and visa name account all on the delivery flowers for her to see?

Sending online flowers..serious question!?
If you order online, they will include a packing slip most likely. That would have your info on it. But, if you call her local florist, you can do it anonymously.
Reply:yes,definitely....u try email her...and tell her that she is gonna get tell her on YMes....or call...her...she would be surprised to see them
Reply:As a florist, I can tell you that many of us are very wary of sending anonymous gift. Most of states now have what is called "anti-stalking law" including our state, NY.

Sending a flower to someone, whether it's anonymous or not, can be threatening to a certain recipient, depending on the circumstances. Most responsible florists would refuse to lend a helping hand to someone whose gift is not appreciated by the recipient. Most of us have this kind of experience from time to time.

Now, if the person who orders flowers asks to remain anonymous, it raises... well... a yellow flag. It depends on each florist to deal with the situation. The difficulty is that it all depends on the actual relationship between the sender and recipient, which the florist has no information of. So we tend to play safe.

If a florist knows you personally, then it should be OK. But if you place an order with one of the online "florists" (who by the way are just sales agents, not florists), then the actual florist who delivers your flowers don't know you. They might refuse to deliver, in which case your order won't go anywhere.
Reply:no you can ask the flower company for it to be anonymous and she would have no clue and its would be a fantastic surprise!
Reply:Ok are you slow? go to a flower shop in person, pay in cash... wow, never ever commit a crime......
Reply:no they wont... call and check too

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