Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it proper to send flowers to a service for someone who is being cremated?

My cousin passed away and there is a service and my mom asked....Do you send flowers when there is no casket? I'm fairly certain that you do...I've been to services wherin the deceased was to be cremated but I can't recall.

Is it proper to send flowers to a service for someone who is being cremated?
Yes. The family still appreciates it.

I was hurt that no one sent any when my son was cremated. Later found out that my cousin told everyone that I didn't want any flowers.
Reply:The obituary will usually state what the family wants. I have been to services where the deceased was cremated and flowers were present. There was a nice display of photos and flowers were around the walls of the funeral home. The cremated remains of the deceased were in a lovely mahogany box with a photo of the deceased beside it.

So, I say, yes, it is o.k. to send flowers.
Reply:Forget the flowers, yes it is a way to pay tribute to your cousin, but they will just get thrown out in the end. I would suggest that you and your mom, make some meals for your Aunte and her family like lasagna, soup, or a casserole...things that can be frozen. Your Aunte will probably not want to cook and this a nice way to show her support. A nice fruit basket sent to the house can also be a nice tribute and be useful to the family.

Unfortunately my family has suffered many loses over the years and the above suggestions are based on first hand experience.
Reply:Oh absolutely! There is no difference at all. Many people these days try to limit the flowers, and have donations go to a favourite charity. That depends, of course, on the wishes

of the family.
Reply:Of course. The flowers don't have anything to do with a burial. They are there to pay tribute to your loved one's spirit. I'm sorry for your loss.

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