Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it customary to send flowers as a gift to someone who is getting married?

This friend of mine is getting married, she invited me but I wont be able to make it. Would sending her a bouquet of flowers be recommended?

Is it customary to send flowers as a gift to someone who is getting married?
flowers is a nice gesture but I think she'd prefer better to receive something more practical and/or she could use in their new home as she is getting married.

I would suggest you just give her a gift certificate to a household stuff store (that sells bedsheets, pots and plates, etc) which she can use later and buy whatever they may still need (that the guests possibly didn't come up with for their gifts) or a dinner/spa voucher for two which she and her then husband can use to just simply get together for some quality time.
Reply:If you are a good friend then you should go. But since you cant make it send flowers with a lovely greeting card.

Reply:No its not customary to send flowers to someone getting married, it is far more customary to send a "sorry i can't make it" note and buy something from their wedding gift list, that is what its there for after all - to let you know what they need.
Reply:Naw, just let her go.
Reply:I say yes. Sending some kind of gift (even if it's just flowers) is a nice gesture to someone who's getting married.
Reply:I think it might be uncomfortable for her if flowers arrived on her wedding day. She will have already paid a florist for her bouquet, as well as decorative arrangements throughout.

Ideally, you would find out where she is registered, and purchase a gift from the registry. It does not need to arrive with you at the ceremony, but instead can be delivered to her home.
Reply:It's not the usual wedding gift but any gift is nice. I would send a card that says "congratulations on your wedding, sorry I can't make it" along with the flowers.
Reply:yes, put a lucky horseshoe (the gift ones from shop) on it 2 and a card wishing her all the best
Reply:Send something else with. Anything you know will be of use to her now that she is getting married. Well it depends on your income. Even a microwave oven isnt a bad idea.
Reply:While flowers and other gifts are always charming gestures, no matter what the occasion, the usual wedding gift is something for the new home, something like bath or kitchen linens, china, glassware, etc. Most couples also appreciate cash.
Reply:It sounds nice - but it's not a traditional gift and considering flowers die in a week, this is really not a helpful gift for a bride and groom. A gift card or money would be a lot nicer for them.
Reply:The tradition is to still send a gift that is either on their registry, money, or a gift card. While flowers are a nice gesture, they will be dead by the time the honeymoon is over.

If you want to send flowers, send a live one in it's own pot with proper decorations. That way she will have it longer to treasure.

Don't forget the card no matter what you chose to send.
Reply:No, it's not customary to send flowers. She will be ordering lots of her own flowers for the actual wedding. It would be silly to send more flowers on top of that. If you can't attend, it's not customary to send a gift. But if she's a good friend, send a little gift as a token of your friendship. It can be small and simple, and send it with a note telling her that you're unable to attend. has some great wedding gift ideas that are affordable. Either that, or send a small gift card from the store where she is registered along with your note.
Reply:absolutely not! You send either cash, cheque, money order, certified cheque, gift cards or you pick a gift from the wedding registry.
Reply:It would be a nice gesture. You could also send any other type of gift, something you normally would have brought to the wedding were you able to attend. It's the thought that counts after all. :)
Reply:No it is not customary to send flowers although it is a good gesture. I am newlywed of 6 months. I can tell you that all I wanted were things that were on my list, money or a gift certificate. I did not want to recieve anything that I could not use. With the money that you are opting for flowers you can get a cheap card and put the amount that you were gonna spend on the flowers in the card.


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