Monday, May 11, 2009

My friend is in the hospital and I want to send flowers?

Whats a good company I can use to send flowers that dont cost a lot and that will send them to the hospital?

My friend is in the hospital and I want to send flowers?
Call your local florist if you call 1-800 flowers your just throwing yourself threw another middle man. I work for a flower shop and deal with them all the time they actually charge you a service fee to go straight through them instead of paying less to go through the florist. then your order goes to the florist anyways. if you call proflowers this could happen to you
Reply:I'd call a local florist or two and get quotes. The flowers can be delivered that day (if ordered quite early) or the next day. Web companies vary. Some ship flowers themselves and they arrive in a box! The recipient has to unpack them. Not good. Others deal with local florists.....the same ones you can call.

If the friend is in another city, you can use your local florist and they will order the flowers for you with a companion florist in the city.

Right now, Valentine's period, flowers are expensive, especially roses, red, pink and white. You can keep the costs down by requesting "yellow" type flowers (daisies or mums for example) and a disposable tray, not a glass vase...which adds a few more dollars to the order. The exception would be a bud vase which only holds a few flowers anyway.

If you want to look at flowers on the web:,,,

Delivery fee is about $10.
Reply:Try FTD
Reply:You could try Bouquet Express, its free delivery! They have good quick delivery time. Based on Holburn St.
Reply:any local florest, and if you have a credit card call the hospital gift shop they always have a display of flowers on hand tell them your price range and they and tell you what they have and take it right up to her room for you. and the money will go to local charity or to the hospitals childrens ward or cancer wards
Reply:Instead o sending cut flowers, which will die in a matter of days, send a green plant. Not only are they good for the environment, it will last a long time....something your friend can enjoy for years.

Call a florist in the town where your friend lives, or 1-800-Flowers.

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