Monday, May 11, 2009

Is sending flowers appropriate as a gift to an orthodontic office for the completion of my treatment?

That would be a very nice gesture. I'm sure they will appreciate it.

Is sending flowers appropriate as a gift to an orthodontic office for the completion of my treatment?
Very nice, but very "over the top" they should send YOU something in thanks for the thousands of dollars you and your insurance paid. LOL Report It

Reply:Only if you want to ask your dentist out on a date.

Other than that, a simple thank-you card will do.
Reply:no, not at all i think that is a lovely gesture and will really make someones day go for it! really depends on the situation
Reply:I'm assuming you're in the States in which case you probably paid through the nose for the treatment. So: no thank you required, unless there are extenuating circumstances. It is a nice gesture though; just don't feel obliged.
Reply:Do you not think he makes enough money? Thank him and refer him to others.
Reply:I think it's a wonderful idea! The staff will appreciate your gesture tremendously. You are very thoughtful. Great idea. It's much better than candy. My orthodontist often scolded me on what candy and junk food I ate while undergoing treatment. So, in keeping with good dental health, flowers are best.
Reply:Yes it is appropriate.
Reply:I'm sure that it would be much appreciated by everybody that works in the dentist office. It would also make them feel appreciated.
Reply:I am sure they will love it. I was at my dentist's office when a bouquet came as a thank you from a patient. The office went wild the girls were so happy so I bet the same thing will happen if you do it. How thoughtfull of you
Reply:No, they should send you flowers for giving them the business.
Reply:They'd probably rather you paid your bill.

Seriously, it isn't considered necessary to send a gift to a professional office on completion of treatment. Nor do you tip your orthodontist, or the receptionist etc. Just flash them that great smile!
Reply:Absolutely not. They should be sending you flowers for all the money they have from you.
Reply:yes, but i think there are other things that would be more appreciated........i think a gift of food would be better....some baked goods, candies, etc.....whenever i wanted to say thank you to an entire office in the past i've given krispy kreme donuts

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