Thursday, April 30, 2009

Will sending flowers can affect her job?

my g.f is a waitress and she is not feeling well i am thinking sending her flowers at work to appriciate how hard working she is but i dont know if i should because she is working in a restaurant. i dont want her to get embarrass or something akward like that. or even worse get fired. lol. i odnt know her manager that much so.. what should i do??

Will sending flowers can affect her job?
I'm sure she won't get fired. She'll most likely love the flowers. I don't recommend 1800 flowers or any wire service. Your best bet is to walk into a flower shop.
Reply:do not sent anything coz being a waitress is always bz....might turn out bad.Cheers
Reply:Meet her and give her the flowers yourself. It'll mean more to her than getting them at work when her mind has to be on her job.
Reply:I don't know why a manager would get annoyed about someone getting flowers but your gf may be embarassed. There is a tiny chance that the flowers may not go down well with the boss. If you are really concerned maybe have them sent to the house or meet her after work with flowers instead, that way you have no issue and have the same effect. :o)
Reply:Why do get the feeling that you might be checking up on her..

To me it's like you do not trust her or trying to spy if she is having an affair at work or something...

Or either I'm lying about you and just love her madly.. well if that's the case... There is nothing wrong with admiring/spoiling your babe time en again... So sending her gifts at work wont be a problem at all.. In fact send her a whole bunch...(xxxx)
Reply:I just can't imagine anyone ever getting fired over somone sending them flowers.

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