Thursday, April 30, 2009

I really need an alternative to sending flowers?

I really need to apologise to my ex (who i want back). She needs space right now. And i should by all rights be sending her flowers. I unfortunately cant afford this. I really want to send something though, has anyone got any ideas for an alternative?

I really need an alternative to sending flowers?
if she is asking for space,then that is what you give to make yourself feel better,send a card,explian how you feel,send it and wait.
Reply:A heart-felt card is probably your best bet if money is an issue. Regardless of how much you spend on something, the meaning and intent behind it is always more important. Be genuine and honest. If she needs space, be sure to give her that. Don't call and make sure she got it, just put it in the mail and let it be for a little while.
Reply:Send her a cookie gram or balloons. It might seam childish but I think she might smile.
Reply:Just Cruise Down to her 'hood one day and tell her you

got a suprise for her on your cell phone. Grab an empty

pot with plants in it and fill it up with dirt. start picking all

the flowers off of the floor and stand them up strait. Knock

on the door, and hold the pot with both hands behind your

back behind you and when you get inside reveal the gift to

her. Her own pot and her own flowers.
Reply:get a guitar or a guitarist and play in front of her window.
Reply:A card is always nice... you can check on they're actually WAY WAY WAY cheaper than other places so maybe you'll be able to find something in your budget?
Reply:If she needs space, you shouldn't send her anything. But, if you must, send her a teddy bear.
Reply:Yea you cheap bastard send her and email
Reply:Write her a letter. Not an email, not a post-it. A real letter then let her have her space.
Reply:just steal some from people's garden..don't forget to pick and run FAST
Reply:Heart shaped pizza??
Reply:The problem is that anything is about as expensive as flowers when you have them's the delivery fees that get you. Buy an inexpensive floral arrangement, put them in a vase and deliver them yourself to her home or office. You can just leave them at the front step/desk if you don't want her to see you.
Reply:A love letter! You can google love letters and see examples of some of the most famous ones from the greatest writers around. (Don't copy them though, just use them for insperation). You ex-girl will love it trust me. If you write it yourself and express your inner feelings for her, it will go over better than any flowers, candy, perfume or jelwery ever would.
Reply:write her a pewem about what you like about her! what made you want to go out with her

let me know how it turns out but dont be masn about it!

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