Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sending flowers to a funeral? Please advise. When I send the flowers to the funeral?

I want to send them to the deceased's Mother. Or the entire family of the deceased. I only know the Mother. Is this correct? If not how should I do it? Thank you for any and all advise. P.S. the deceased is young , about 22 yrs old.

Sending flowers to a funeral? Please advise. When I send the flowers to the funeral?
I would send them addressed to the family of the deceased.

The florist you use should be able to advise you of the proper addressing of the card.
Reply:The florist should be able to let you know the proper way to do this.I personally feel that sending flowers is a waste of money.Why don't you make a donation on behalf of the family,perhaps to the charity related to whatever caused the death.All the flowers they recieve will have to be taken home and they too will die...who wants a reminder of yet another death?
Reply:Contact the funeral parlor where the service being held and verify the best time to have them delivered. Once you have this information, contact the local florist (the funeral parlor might have one they deal with regularly) and then call for arrangements telling them what you want to order, when and where to deliver. On the card you simply either write your name or if you're sending on behalf of your entire family state "from NAME Family". Do not personalize or address the specific card like "Dear Cindy or Mr %26amp; Mrs So-and-So".

It's simply the thought that counts.

The family will make arrangements with the funeral parlor a head of time on what to do with delivered floral arrangements for during and after the service. It's really low on their priority list (all things considered).
Reply:Direct your note to your friend and family.
Reply:I'd send a plant to the mother's house. Flowers will be dead in a week...she's had enough death.
Reply:Now a days more people are getting away from sending flowers and donating (in the deceased ones memory) to a charity instead. I'd do that and then if you still want to...send flowers to the Mother's house.
Reply:I would address them to the family "with my condolences" and sign your name and followed by something like "Friend of [her name]"

Another meaningful thing that you can always do is to make a donation to a charity in her name that may have been close to her heart or serves a group that she was passionate about. The charity will send the family a card that makes them aware that a donation was made in her name. These types of lasting and impactful gifts can mean more than flowers in many cases.

So sorry to hear about your loss.
Reply:Looks like everyone has great answers, but another thing I was thinking of was maybe planting a tree in his/her memory at mom's house? Since flowers die and donation money is spent ...
Reply:write the mothers name and then include "and family".

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