Thursday, April 30, 2009

When sending flowers across the miles for an occasion...?

Like a new born baby...

How much is a decent reasonable price to pay?

When sending flowers across the miles for an occasion...?
Go to the FTD website and look at the pictures, then see what the extra cost are. How much do you want to spend. Maybe you should just send a card with a check in it.
Reply:flowers are nice but I'm sure the family could use something different. Why not just send a nice card and follow up with diapers, bottles, some part of a christening outfit, a hat and booties set or a quilt.

You don't really send flowers across the miles. You order it local and they wire, email or phone the order to the nearest flowershop to the receiver, and that's why the extra cost.

Way back when I used to send flowers for $25 all the time, these days it depends where the flowers come from and how inexpensive they are (they may be coming from overseas, yeah, seriously).
Reply:A decent reasonable price to pay is in accordance to what you can afford. There are arrangements in all different prices. Only send one that you can afford. It is the thought that counts, not the amount.
Reply:It all depends on what kind of flowers you are sending. I prefer to send something like a plant that will have staying power. However, for a newborn baby I don't send flowers. I usually send a gift card or something practical. If you do go the flower route you will spend at least $50 with shipping charges.

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