Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sending flowers to GF at her work for Valentines?

I have been with her a little over a month. I am going to be gone during Valentines so I was thinking about sending her flowers at her work. Do you guys think it is a good idea?

Sending flowers to GF at her work for Valentines?
You'll score many brownie points with that one! very thoughtful indeed.

Girls love getting flowers at work. It's not only confirmation to her of your feelings, which takes out the agonising guessing as to how you feel about her, but to have it confirmed where other people see it too just makes it all the sweeter.

Nice one bruva.
Reply:yah! thats sooo sweet! She's going to feel so special, it thinks its a great idea!
Reply:SURE! You can just go to for great gift ideas, reviews of online forists and fancy chocolate/cookies. Those things are traditional because the majority of ladies love them! There's something sweet about a guy who sends his love flowers and chocolates. The link above also offers other gift ideas too.
Reply:That's the sweetest thing.

I'm sure she'll love it.
Reply:It's a good idea. But everyone in the office will be jealous. A dozen roses would be great !
Reply:You can never go wrong with flowers. Girls loving getting flowers no matter what day it is; but especially on V-day.

Go for it!
Reply:That works.... but its cliche! Try thinking of something creative that will highlight some good moments you two shared. Or maybe get her something she said she has always wanted. It will let her know you listen to her when she is just rambling, but it will also be something more meaningful than flowers.
Reply:Yeah, I think that's a great idea..sending her flowers. Maybe write a note and send it along with the flowers. Hopefully she will love them.
Reply:that will be a great valentines gift! i would love that!
Reply:Are you guys official? Sth tells me that it may be a bit early in the relationship to do that? Too much too soon? Unless you have known her for much longer than the 1 month you have been dating.

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