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What do you think of sending yourself flowers, especially for valentines day?

What do you think of sending yourself flowers, especially for valentines day? I know i will not be getting any, and I do love they way they look on my desk. But am i just being pathetic to send myself flowers AND let people believe they were sent to me? What CLEVER excuse should I say when they ask who they are from. (not married or seeing anyone)

What do you think of sending yourself flowers, especially for valentines day?
Yes, to me thats pretty desperate. If you really just liked flowers for flowers sake, then you would be bringing in flowers all the time, and likely not having them delivered in for people to see you receiving them. Do you really need attention that badly?

Anyway, if you insist on doing it, maybe you should say that they are from your Parents, who always like to remind you how much they love you on that day. That way, when the next work social gathering arises, people wont be asking you about where the guy is that sent you flowers.
Reply:I did it once! My friend and I sent floer's to ourselves. Hers was home and mine was at work.(I have a bf now) I got so sick and tired of everyone bragging about what they got, so i decided to send myseld floer's, which nobody got! Boy did i feel good!! Treat yourself to a box of chocolates and a eat it while you are watching a sappy love story with a box of tissues!!! Grab your dog or cat! HAPPY HEART DAY!!
Reply:Why the heck shouldnt you get flowers? And its none of thier business who they came from really. Just have them put " a secret admirer" or Just a big question mark on the card. That will get them talking -wow come to think of it the question mark might not work - that would create too many times you might have to lie. Just use the secret admirer - if they ask just say you think it was guy you met last summer or when you went on vacation or somewhere besides where you actually are.

Happy Valentines Day!
Reply:Whatever makes you smile. Some girls get pedicures, you send yourself flowers. Tell them they're from the person who gave you your best orgasm (which is probably true LOL).
Reply:I think you are too worried about what other people think of you and your relationship status. If you want to put flowers on your desk, then go buy some at the grocery store or florist. You don't need to have them delivered because then you are trying to keep up appearances. Honestly, in the end someone finds out and you look sad and pathetic. There is no clever excuse. People can just end up laughing at you, feeling sorry for you but it is mostly because you went to such an extent because you aren't happy being alone.
Reply:Sounds okay to me. The sender could be an 'anonymous admirer'.
Reply:i should do that cause i know damn well my bf would never think to do that....i think im going to buy myself everything i want on valentine's day just incase my bf doesnt get me anything i can say that i got something anyway lol and no its not pathetic.... just say that the flowers are addressed from annonymous and have no clue who sent them!!
Reply:How about an anonymous admirer from Yahoo who decided you deserved flowers on Valentine's Day?
Reply:If it makes you feel good then do it, but if it makes you feel pathetic then back away.
Reply:Sure, why not send yourself flowers, once in a while? This is almost like masturbating. Will people make fun of you if they found out? Yes, of course, but who cares about that if you are getting some enjoyment out of it? Besides, who's gonna tell?

I'd say go for it. Have a great Valentine's day. I'll be thinking of you on Valentine's.
Reply:Just say you dont know who they are from..I'm sure everybody wont be getting flowers so if you dont do it dont sweat it
Reply:Tell them that you got them for your self beacuase you can do that for yourself. And I would say that I want to feel good for one day. I have a bf and sometimes he dose not get me any thing so I meet send flowers to myself beacuse Im a good person and that would make my day for myself.And if you like flowers then there should not be a big deal about. It says that you love yourself dont everyone say that to you when you grow up.
Reply:Ideally one could reply to this with, "who cares what they think?" but we all know this isn't always the easiest to consider in our lovely modern society.

Typically speaking, there's nothing wrong with sending yourself flowers, especially on Valentines'. If nothing else, as a flower-fan this is one of the best times of the season for specials, discounts, and free extras with orders! You *could* simply go purchase them at wholesale florists for a lot cheaper and get just as good an effect, however, if you're leaning more towards smiply having fresh flowers for the ocassion.

With regards to clever excuse, there's nothing wrong with just smiling and saying "it's a secret." You could simply tell the truth - that you were in the mood and wanted to take advantage of the specials (should this be the case). If you're overly concerned with someone else's interest of your flowers,'s not necessarily their business if you don't want to admit that you just wanted a treat for the big day, anyways. :)

Happy Vday~

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