Thursday, April 30, 2009

What do you think about a grown man sending flowers to his mother on Valentines Day?

What is wrong with that? I can't send either of my parents flowers as they are both dead but when my dad was alive I always made sure he got something for Valentines day. Just to make sure that he knew I loved him, No matter what.

What do you think about a grown man sending flowers to his mother on Valentines Day?
aaaaaawww now you KNOW better than to ask. every woman is gonna think that's the sweetest thing ever!!
Reply:thats sweet
Reply:it's the minimum to do
Reply:That's sweet.
Reply:sure. why not? i think its nice of the man to show his mother that he cares about her
Reply:It's sweet! Moms should get flowers more often!!!!!
Reply:If the grown man is single, and has sent flowers to his mother, then he would no doubt be a good catch, and would probably give you the same respect if he became your man.

A grown man showing his mother that respect is a good sign in today's world.

I am not saying that there are not other Red flags, but this is a definite Green Flag!!!
Reply:i think thats very lovely and a cute idea, shows how much they love their mother!
Reply:I think it's a wonderful thought and gesture and if you are that man, I hope you did send some flowers. You're not going to have your mom forever, so celebrate your love for her while you can.
Reply:It's wonderful! Some day she will be gone and he won't regret anything.
Reply:I think it's a great idea. I would love flowers from my son when he gets older. Valentines day is showing about showing your loved ones you care. Kids love their moms so it's a great idea.
Reply:I think it's a great idea %26amp; this way she can enjoy her flowers and gloat that her son sent her flowers.
Reply:Why not?! It's a nice way to say "I love you" to special people in your life.
Reply:i think its very sweet
Reply:I think that is an awesome idea and I wish my children would have thought of doing that for me.
Reply:I suppose some will say that your a Mo ma's Boy or it's Gay, but I think it's a lovely thing to do. For who was your first love but your mother?

She bore you for nine months and took care of you until you left the nest. A mother's love is the strongest love there is. Only a real man would acknowledge there mother on this day.
Reply:I think it is wonderful! She brought him into the world and guided him into being a fine person. Moms should not be forgotten at 21. There's only one, real Mom. She's irreplaceable. She's made many sacrifices in her life in order that he have every opportunity to succeed. No matter how old we are, when things go awry, we always want our mothers. Next to God, her's is the first name uttered in sickness, stress and on the battlefield. To forget your mother is to leave a bright spot in your life behind. There is an inner spot that only Mother's can fill. Hurrah for the man who honoured his mom and himself by buying her flowers on Valentine's Day. I love you, Mom.
Reply:if my grown son, now 26, even sent me a card I would be impressed. that is so lovely
Reply:i think that is cute
Reply:its sweet!
Reply:I think it's a grand thing to do. If my mother were still alive, I'd send her flowers, too.


CALL ME 555-5555 :) LOL
Reply:That sounds like a very sweet and appreciative gesture--I hope my children will still remember their dear old mother when they are grown men.
Reply:Sweet...should just tell them though that they are for mom so there is no romantic tie-ins...
Reply:After all the things your mother has done for you , it is wonderful to give something nice back, and women love flowers from anyone. I think it is endearing and wonderful for a man to send flowers to his mother. It will make her day knowing that you appreciate and are thoughful enouph to remember her!
Reply:i hope i raise my son like this. that's sweet. as long as he's not crazy. like, cradles himself to her bosom every other day for comfort.....(hahaha)
Reply:I think its very sweet. ♥
Reply:That would be very sweet. I'm sure she is gonna love getting flowers from her son. No matter how old you are, you'll always be her baby boy. :-)

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