Thursday, April 30, 2009

Question about sending flowers?

im in nJ, and want to send flowers to my aunt.

I only have $30 to spend that included shipping.

do u no anyway i can buy flowers on line to send to her for $30 MAX.. it seems everywhere i look, it add up to at least 40. i cant afford 40, oNLY 30

Question about sending flowers?
Go to an FTD flower shop or call one and tell them you can only spend $30.00.

They will look in their book and find something they can send for that price.
Reply:Flowers, much like your aunt, are going to die. Keep your money, and send your aunt a card.
Reply:well, I found this website...

Only 19.99 before shipping. Maybe this will work?
Reply:You can also try You are sure to find flowers for under $30 dollars. There are flower deals and discount from various flower shops.

Good Luck !

Everyone deserves a nice bouquet of flowers
Reply:I recommend you to send flower arrangments anywhere worldwide including USA at

I found for a total amount of 29.00 US Dollars the following arrangement

- All major credit cards accepted

- Service Fee 9.99 / No Tax / No Delivery Fee
Reply:Or try this one:

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