Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is the etiquette for sending flowers to a church if there is no visitation?

A friend of mine has passed and my husband and I would like to send flowers. There will be no visitation the night before-just the funeral at the church Saturday morning. My question is should I send the flowers to the funeral home to arrive the day before or send them directly to the church the day before? I don't want to create more work than necessary. Just need some input please.

What is the etiquette for sending flowers to a church if there is no visitation?
different places have different ideas on the matter. i would think to send them to the church. give the church rectory a call and see what they might want you to do. that is what i did in that situation when my brother passed.
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Reply:Usually when a family requests no visitation they also request that either a donation be put in the deceased's name, or you send flowers to the grave site. It would be best to call the funeral home and get the specifics for sending flowers with no visitation. Thank you and GOD bless.
Reply:Don't send flowers--donate to a good cause in your friend's memory. For example, if she died of a heart attack, donate money in her memory to the National Heart Association. Chances are, she'll probably have many people giving flowers, and the church will be so packed with them, yours might be lost in the shuffle. It's nice to remember your friend this way, but what happens to cut flowers? They die. However, that $50 or $75 you spend on a donation to a worthy cause will never die. As a matter of fact, it may just save someone's life.
Reply:Normally, if there is no wake or viewing, then the proper thing to do is send the flowers directly to the family's home. The only time it is proper to send it to the funeral is if it is a proper funeral spray. What you should really do is ask where to send the flowers to, if you get no response, you should send them to the house.

Why would you send flowers to a funeral home if there is no viewing?

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