Thursday, April 30, 2009

Etiquette question about sending flowers to recently deceased:?

Is it "OK" to send flowers or plant of condolences to a family member who just lost a loved one. Do you send the flowers to the house or to the funeral home?

Etiquette question about sending flowers to recently deceased:?
You send flowers to the people.
Reply:Yes, it is okay to send flowers but to whom are you thinking of sending them?

If the deceased was a family member or close friend of yours you could send flowers to the undertaker.

If you are trying to convey your condolances to the living send to flowers to that person. Keep the flowers simple and tone on tone as loud clashing colours are not appropriate.
Reply:That is a very nice gesture on your part. I received lots of flowers when my husband passed away, but the ones I treasure the most are the houseplants I still have. I look at them each time I water them and remember the time I got them. It reminds me of my husband in a very sweet way. It is appropriate to send them to the funeral home OR the home.
Reply:It's a very nice gesture, and you can send to either the home or the funeral home. It's a good idea to ask the funeral home where the family is getting the flowers for the casket, because that particular floral shop can help you coordinate so you don't get the same thing as anyone else.
Reply:It is ok to do either. Letting them know that you care is the purpose. However, you can send them for the calling hours and they will be there for the funeral too, then the family usually picks out the ones that they want from there and takes them home.
Reply:I always had them sent to the funeral home with the person's name it goes to on the back of the card. If the funeral is over, then just have them sent to the home. Nice gesture always. :)


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