Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sending flowers, what do i write on the card?

i plan on sending flowers to this girl i like for her birthday. we are not dating yet, but almost. what should i write on the card?

Sending flowers, what do i write on the card?
Happy Birthday, can I take you out for dinner or movies/lunch coffee/ice cream, etc.
Reply:Happy Birthday .....can't wait to see you

Love ........( your name here)
Reply:something like..."I saw these and thought they're as beautiful as you are. Happy Birthday" or something to that effect. It will flatter her and make her smile and just might get you an "in" to the whole dating thing.
Reply:hope this finds you having a very good time on your birthday

just thinking about you
Reply:HHMMMMM Happy Birthday.
Reply:Will you wear my ring? Ring pop?
Reply:sorry I've tried to strangle u :)))
Reply:Happy Birthday. Thinking of you.
Reply:"Happy Birthday! These flowers remind me of your beauty"
Reply:well thats prettty daring. if you send her flowrs its gonna be out in the open that you like her so maybe ask her out on a date in the card.
Reply:Maybe something along the lines of, I hope you have a great birthday and spend it with the ones you care about most...then you know how she feels if she chooses to spend it with you :) Or send her a compliment, like These flowers are almost as beautiful as you, Happy Birthday. Either one is sure to get her, even if it is a little cheesy ;)
Reply:happy birthday and ask her if she would go out wit u
Reply:Just Because.
Reply:something sweet for a sweet girl!!
Reply:Something slightly sweet, not some gushy poem...but let a little bit of your feelings out

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