Thursday, April 30, 2009

How long should you wait before sending flowers after a fight where your girlfriend says she needs space?

the next day...don't wait too long for her to think in that space

How long should you wait before sending flowers after a fight where your girlfriend says she needs space?
6 month.
Reply:Details on the fight? I would wait til she starts talking to you again before sending flowers. By waiting I don't mean sitting by the phone waiting for her to call and then getting mad if/when she doesn't call. Just do your own thing for a while and if she calls back great go to her with your flowers you're just dying to give her, if not then just move on.
Reply:You can do it right away because maybe she was mad at something you did. The flowers willprob.,make her love you again and also send the type of flowers she loves..... That always works!!!!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:i think you should respect her and give her the space she asked for
Reply:For the rest of your life.
Reply:Well, coming from a girls point of view, flowers would be awesome, but at the same time, they may piss her off. If she needs space, maybe you should wait until she calls you, or shows signs that she wants to be in contact. Flowers is a good idea, just not right off the bat. Wait a day or two if she doesn't try to contact you.
Reply:NEVER! Your girl is trying to get rid of you, hence, the reason you had the fight in the first place.

Back off and leave her alone. Don't send flowers to someone who doesn't want to be with you. And if you're saying, "She does want to be with me," then why is she asking for space?

I am sure there is somebody you know who would much more appreciate those flowers.
Reply:When a girl says she needs space, that's as much as saying 'ADIOS'.....
Reply:as soon as possible
Reply:You can never do it too soon.

Don't seen millions and millions of flowers, but sending flowers is always better than not sending.
Reply:The next day and everyday after with the flowers being more wilted each time just like your love will be.
Reply:As soon as they can get them there.
Reply:You don't send any; when she is ready to get back with you she will come to you.
Reply:Until she cools down and since you know her and i don't you be the judge you don't want the flowers in the trash.
Reply:you should wait for about a day, give her the space she asks for, then send her flowers with a nice card!!

thats really sweet :]

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