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When sending flowers to a funeral do you send them to the deceased or to the family?

and how do i send them?

When sending flowers to a funeral do you send them to the deceased or to the family?
To the family and yo may bring them or have the florist bring them by
Reply:To the family. It means more, imo, unless you were close to the deceased person.

If you are sending them to the deceased person, put them by their grave; you know how it is.

If you're sending them to the family, then personally deliver them and say, "I'm so sorry for your loss." or whatever you feel is most appropriate. Hand delivering them shows that you actually care. Anyone can find a site online to have flowers sent to them, but only people who care would hand deliver them.
Reply:To the family of the deceased. Tell the florist to help you fill out the card. They do it every day. They will probably write like 'for the family of jane doe', etc. But be sure to review the card and okay it before leaving the flower shop. And order in person. Too many people handle the order when you do it online and things get left out down the line. And you pay about 25 percent more ordering online than if you go to the florist directly.
Reply:... in my own opinion, the deceased could not accept the flowers for obvious reason.......but you are sending the flowers to the loved ones left behind to show that you are comforting them in their time of sorrow...... you are there in case they need something for support or comfort....
Reply:Usually you would send the flowers to the family of the deceased as a token of your sympathy for the situation. You could have them delivered with a note, or for a more personal way go and deliver them yourself.
Reply:a lot of people unfortunately died in my family. usually we have one rose each and we give them to the dead person when they are in the hole. u cud give them to the family if u want.
Reply:to the family with sympathy .. look up the funeral home online n it usually says how to send flowers and things ...
Reply:the family of : deceased's name

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