Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can I send flowers in the mail?

I live in Georgia and my girlfriend is going to be in Colorado for a couple weeks and I want to send her some flowers. Is there any way I can do that? Same-day air is wayyyy too expensive to send out but I was looking to use priority mail (3 days) so is it possible?

Can I send flowers in the mail?
Usually any of the flowers by phone vendors have a variety of options for sending, some quickly - more expensive, some not as fast - more inexpensive.
Reply:Look in the yellow pages. FTD stores can send flowers almost anywhere in the world. Mail is a bad idea as they'd be in bad shape by the time they got there. Your girlfriend can get fresh flowers sent right to her door.
Reply:Using a Floral service such as Tela Flora or FTD would make you both happier. You can choose the arrangement from pictures and the flowers will be made up in the closest location and delivered.
Reply:Well here in the UK we have an answer to that problem - we simply go to a local florist and tell them what flowers we want sent to who and where they are.

The shop then uses a network (interflora is a big one here) to contact a florist shop near where the receipient is - and it is this second shop which actually delivers the flowers with a card printed to your requirements - so the flowers never actually go through the mail and are delivered fresh and new on the day you order them if you wish.

Do you not have something similar where you are - it has been around for 50 years or more here.

I've built a flower site that you can send flowers direct from local florists worlwide

You should be able to take advantage of cheaper postage rates with advance warning AND you can shop by price just pick the bouquet or gift you would like sent to her.

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