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When sending flowers after a death what do you write on the card?

My Aunt is in hospice care and has been given 3-4 days until she passes. I want to send some flowers to my Uncle but I dont know what to write on the card. I live in another country so I thought this would be the best way to send my sympathy without actually being able to be there. The only problem is that I have no idea what to write on the card when they are being sent. She is so loved by my whole family, but what do you say in a card without sound impersonal?

When sending flowers after a death what do you write on the card?
Please accept our/my sincerist sympathies in this difficult time.

Our/my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Then, include a personal, happy memory of your Aunt to make everyone smile for a moment.
Reply:Thinking of you...from our family to yours!
Reply:Write it to your aunt...

"To my Dearest Aunt Susie....My heart and prayers are with you and Uncle Stan at this time and I do wish I could be with you. You shall always be in my heart and soul, a loving part of my life that I shall never forget. With much love and respect, your niece, ..."
Reply:Don't make it a condolence card and make the flower arrangement as cheerful as possible. Address the card to both your aunt and uncle and express your regrets for not being there in their hour of need. Remind them of happy times you shared with them and how they are always in your thoughts.
Reply:Instead of sending flowers which do not last for long, send a card with a few of your memories written down and then add that you have given a donation (what the cost of the flowers would have been) in your aunts name to a charity that they may have felt strongly about. If you can't think of one then a research group might be best. This will do more than flowers that wilt and die too soon.

My prayers are with you I just lost my brother four days ago and we asked for donation to his favorite charity instead of flowers for his funeral.
Reply:Just tell him that he is in your thoughts and prayers, and maybe mention a personal memory of her that means alot to you.
Reply:If the card is to be included with the flowers just put tell the florist to write on the card "Deepest sympathy from your nephew ... " . Take the time to buy a nice card and write a personal message on it and mail it to your uncle .
Reply:I am very sorry to hear about your Aunt. With certain strong emotions such as love or grief, it is often difficult to find the right words to express ourselves to others...

So, it is no wonder when faced with a situation where you must find the right words to express your own emotions and attempt to offer some comfort to someone else at the same, that we can find ourselves at a loss...

When I was very young, I lost my father and I can say that from personal experience, certain "sayings" or poems felt trite and insincere such as "God picks the most beautiful flowers for his garden!"

I would say that sometimes saying little actually says alot....

"My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time."

"Aunt Jane touched all of our lives, she will be missed."

Below is a site that offers some suggestions.

Best wishes to you and yours...

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