Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do I go about sending flowers to someone in the hospital?

I have a friend in the hospital who just had surgery and I wanted to send some flowers (he's a guy, but I don't know what else to send). I thought I'd order from the 1-800-flowers or somewhere like that online....what instructions do I give in order for them to be delivered to the hospital?? I've never done it before. Thanks!

How do I go about sending flowers to someone in the hospital?
I have worked 4 years as a florist so I will be happy to answer your question. First of all is your friend in a hospital locally? If so go to your nearest florist and pick out what you would like and have them deliver it. If it isn't local, you can still go to the local florist and they will call the florist closest to his hospital and have them sent. You can also see some arrangements such as an FTD bouquet or something that they have done and tell them you want something like that. They can tell the other florist what you want as florist try to keep a variety on hand to duplicate arrangements shown in books. Of course some flowers may not be available due to seasons like tulips. They will often do it on the spot , but sometimes not, but you will know exactly what it is going to cost for the arrangement, the delivery fee and the wire fee. You just pay the local florist and the florists work out payment amongst the two of them. They are the go between and want to make you happy too. You can order from 1-800 flowers if you wish. They will have photos of arrangements on line. You would give them info on where to deliver and pay by credit card.
Reply:The flower place will know what to do. I'm sure they've delivered there before. Just make sure you get his room number to give them. You can get that information by calling the front desk at the hospital.

You should take them in person, I'm sure he'll appreciate it even more.

You could also send one of those cookie arrangements from or some other food gift basket. Guys love food lol.
Reply:hospital name, address, room number, name of recipient.
Reply:here in uk that is banned now.

infections an all that garbage!
Reply:Normally theres a gift shop in the hospital sweetie. Go there..... they have lotssss of flowers and chocolate and cards.

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