Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sending flowers to your husbands work?

Would it be stupid or silly to have a single rose with a teddy bear sent to your husbands office for Valentines Day? Something simple, nothing fancy. How many men would be flattered by this and think it sweet or would it be silly and would you be embarrased?

Sending flowers to your husbands work?
men wouldbe publicly embarassed and privately very very pleased. they may confess their delight to best/ family friend that u had sent flower(s) and a teddy bear signifying hugging.
Reply:I always sent my husband a flower with a teddy bear for valentines day to his work and he enjoyed it
Reply:I have heard many men say they are flattered by flowers. However, if you are still unsure, I have placed an order for a cookie bouquet for my boyfriend. You can choose your theme and the price is based on how many cookies are in the bouquet. You should check it out... I think at check out you can add things, like a teddy bear( not totally sure). Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! And remember he will like anything from you, because you put thought in to it.
Reply:i think my husband would be embarrassed. you might have them waiting for him when he gets home.
Reply:What he wants from you. Is for you to wear his favorite outfit or nighties. The smell of your scent. His favorite meal and probably make-love to you. GOD BLESS. My husband is a romantic and still , doesn't want cards , bears. A video game would really turn him on . ( cause he's a gamer) .

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