Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sending flowers to Hawaii..any suggestions on where to order from?

I would like to send a plant or some flowers to Hawaii. Does anyone have any suggestions of a decent place and fairly reasonable?

Sending flowers to Hawaii..any suggestions on where to order from?
You might want to also check

They've been very reliable for me. I don't know if they do Hawaii, but it's worth a look.

Mostly, I wanted to respond so I can say I like your name!! ;)
Reply:look up a florist in H.I. you will pay more if you order more from your local florist, I was a florist and I know this to be true. you will get the full amount of flowers you pay for by ordering from a local florist in H.I. look up "find a florist" on the web and put in the city and state you are trying to get them delivered to. hope I helped
Reply:I personally would see what I can get from and in my price range. My reason is you can see what you are ordering. If the delivery isn't up to par you have something to compare with in your complaint.
Reply:In Hawaii
Reply:I find it best to find a reputable florist very near the address of the recipient and call them directly instead of using something like 1-800-flowers or FTD or something like that.

Look on the Internet for reviews of florists in that town. If you have a dollar amount budgeted for the flowers or plant call the florist and tell them what you have in mind, describe the occasion, and ask what they can provide.

The flowers and plants in Hawaii are wonderful. You should be able to order a beautiful arrangement or a lovely plant that will grow in that climate.

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