Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sending flowers to someone in alberta from montreal?

my gf lives in alberta and its her birthday soon but i live in montreal

i figure the least that i could do for her birthday is send her flowers..but i live in montreal so i didnt think it was possible till i thought what if i called a flower shop near her and told them to send the flowers to her but how would i pay for them?

is this even possible?

pleasseee tell me anything you know, its really important to me

Sending flowers to someone in alberta from montreal?
Hey, Many of the top online floral shops deliver flowers internationally especially the USA and Canada. You can do it all online right now!

Go here. Book mark it in case you need to use it again.
Reply:I also live in Alberta. What part of Alberta are you wanting to send flowers to? All you have to do is go through a florist in Montreal and pay for the flowers there. They will allow you to pick the arrangement and tell them what you want on the card. They will contact the florist here and make it up and get it delivered for you. Lucky girl!!

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