Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why is sending flowers so ridiculously expensive?

I wanted to send flowers to my crush at his job. I looked online and geez...Why on Earth is it so pricey? I just wanted to send 1 rose and it costs $50? Does anyone know what I can do for a reasonable price?

Why is sending flowers so ridiculously expensive?
Because flowers are a big business and get used for tons of things. I would not send flowers over the internet again not only because of the price but also because you have no control of the handling or the quality of the flowers selected.

I sent my wife a dozen roses for Valentines Day. They were delivered at 9 am and sat on her company's loading dock for a couple of hours with no water. When she got them at 2 pm they were beat up and wilted. I was pissed. I called the company and got my money back.

The best flowers are available from a local florist. Next year I'm hand delivering them myself.
Reply:because people in love are crazy

and the florist takes advantage of that
Reply:its so pricey bc they know ppl will spend the money to say i love you or to send to a funeral or wedding.

Theres one thing I told my husband when we got married.. dont buy me real flowers.. buy me silk ones or ones made out of diff materials.. when he asked me why i said,, well they are cheaper and THEY NEVER DIE! well he saw my point and buys me silk flowers instead of real ones..
Reply:Because the florists know women adore flowers and that is what men are desperately wanting to do to woo their desired women. It's a ripe off!
Reply:Three reasons: gas prices, fragile merchandise, fast expiration. It's easy to ship a box of ink pens, it's harder to ship something that can't be tossed on a truck in a closed box and shipped over the span of a few days.


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