Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's a good website for sending flowers?

I'd like to send flowers online, but I don't want to pay too much. Any recommendations?

What's a good website for sending flowers?

you can find some nice ones every so often, but be prepared to at least pay $30. There are also nice chocolates and stuff you can send :)
Reply:Well, you have two excellent ones already, and
Reply:use 1800flowers, OR google the city where you want to send the flowers to and find a florist that has a website directly to order from Most larger cities will have florists that can do that.
Reply:I dont know where to send real flowers, but i know you can send virtual flowers on this site.
Reply:Someone hit the nail on the head above. Save yourself time (and money) by searching for a local florist in the area you want the flowers delivered and then call them directly. That way you avoid the fees associated with "wiring" flowers. Meaning you are cutting out the middleman and paying less in the end.

Some online florists charge a handling fee of 10.00 or more just to take your order. Then, they skim money from your order to make a bigger profit before sending your order on to a real florist.

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