Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is the stance on sending your boyfriend flowers?

I screwed up with my boyfriend and cannot get him to speak to me so I would like to send him something as an apology. Most things that I see would be teddy bears w/ flowers. Does that look bad?

What is the stance on sending your boyfriend flowers?
yes it does everyone will think he is gay(nothing wrong with being gay but i am pretty sure he doesn't want to look that way) send him a box with a music CD and junk food and an apology ex girl sent that to me and i loved it
Reply:Eh... I wouldnt send flowers. Id send something he could use, like pizza or a video game. Something OTHER THAN flowers, I think that only works on girls.
Reply:I get my hubby flowers delivered on most occasions and just because sometimes, he's gotta have a since of humor though
Reply:Please don't send me flowers - take me to dinner or something. I don't think I would really like flowers.
Reply:if he doesn't want them i'll take them. i like bears and flowers =P
Reply:send him a cake with an i am so sorry on it
Reply:Send a pizza with gum drops spelling "I'm sorry."
Reply:Depends on the guy, and also on where you send it (he could be embarrassed in front of others)...but either way, it could be touchy. Why not go a bit different and send him a Cookie bouquet (Cookies By Design comes to mind), or something really different. And do you have to send it or can you give it to him yourself with your sweetest smile?
Reply:Send him a letter. It works.
Reply:How old is he? The teddy bear may be to "kiddie" but flowers are fine...every guy I've known that ever got flowers thought it was kewl.
Reply:I would not go that route.

Let a few days pass (cooling off period) without contact. Then go over and ask to speak with him. If he lets you in, great. If he says no, then he's no longer your bf and it's time to move on.
Reply:Edible Arrangements is good.
Reply:No, My wife sends me flowers all the time, and I love to get them, they make me feel special.
Reply:that looks guilty...give him time to cool off...

Dont call no more until Monday and act like nothing happened
Reply:i sent my husband a dozen roses for his birthday and he LOVED them!
Reply:I dont think I'd send him flowers. however, do you have those teddy bear making places where he lives? They have cool ones a guy might like, for example, if he likes superheros, they have superman and batman ones. Lots of other things too. That might be a little better. it also depends on how old he is...

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