Saturday, November 19, 2011

Can i send flowers or leaves in an envelope?

Such as a small daisy, or a 5 inch leaf from a tree. Or small seeds like half an inch long and a quarter of an inch thick?

Can i send flowers or leaves in an envelope?
Depends where you are mailing them to.

If you are only mailing them to (say) your grandmother in another suburb... then no problem.

However, if you are planning on mailing them overseas, you had better check the quarantine regulations for that country. For example, no plant matter (whatsoever) is allowed to be mailed into Australia or New Zealand.
Reply:Someone once told me not to stuff an envelope with oddly shaped, bulky things because of the way it's mechanically processed. If its like a small pressed daisy, like the one you make daisy chains out of, then it should be okay in my book. (But I dont work at the post office.) A leaf should be fine too as long as its dried and flat. Dry is good. You don't want sap all over the place. ^^; The small seeds I'm not sure about because of their thickness and how they'll shift around in an envelope.

Hope that was helpful


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